At Grey Skies nothing makes our heart sing more than a beautifully decorated Christmas table. Nothing delights us more than the reaction our decorating efforts receive from our family and friends.

Here are a few of our top Christmas table tips to set the stage for this gorgeous day.

One: Make sure you are organised.

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We don’t mean start setting the table now. But to make sure you are set up for success, make sure that the table is set a few days before the big day. There is one thing that you can get ready now. Make sure that all of the pieces you need to create your Christmas table masterpiece are arranged well in advance of the big day.

Two: Pick a theme.

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White, white, white. We can’t get enough of it. Bring the cool whites into your Christmas aesthetic this year. With so much colour at this time of year, a chic, classic Christmas table can make a subtle but lasting impact. This can be achieved by classic white crockery, flowers, candles, well placed ornaments and placemats. Objects of different sizes and shapes all in the same colour can really add an element of interest and visual impact. If the basic elements of the table are all white, why not have some fun with some coloured napkins to create a real statement.

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Three: Centrepieces + Runners.

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Bring the outside inside. Nothing compliments white more than leaves, twigs and other rustic elements (like pinecones) that you might be lucky enough to find in your garden. It’s a great, inexpensive way give that beautiful all white look a festive twist.

Candles are a really effective centre piece. Not only will candles add to the overall white look, but they truly bring in a real festive element. At Grey Skies we love candles in bell jars, glass vases and even lanterns straight down the centre of the table. They are so effective and, even better, the mess is contained. Strategically placed candles are bound to create real atmosphere especially when the Christmas lunch turns into dinner.

Working green into the overall look of the table will create the sophisticated, minimalistic look that you are after.

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Four: Flowers.

Find vases of all different shapes and sizes. We prefer clear glass or plain white for our Christmas table. Fill each vase with an assortment of different types of flowers. Any white flower broken up with greenery looks stunning and really accentuates the classy Christmas aesthetic that we are looking to achieve. Or why not try pairing a coloured flower with some traditional Christmas greenery.
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Other things to remember:

We totally encourage harnessing your creative flair this Christmas but remember, don’t over-do it. Surprising your guests with a minimalistic but beautiful Christmas table is the aim.

Don’t let Pintrest get the best of you. It’s great for ideas but remember to stick to the overall theme and edit.

Need some decorating inspiration? Check out our website it’s not too late to order now and have something in time for Christmas.

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