At Grey Skies, we think that when it comes to gift giving, first impressions really, really matter. If it’s a positive reaction you are looking for a beautifully wrapped present can definitely get you most of the way there. Have a pile of presents and some lack lustre wrapping skills? Or want to make your present look more valuable than it actually is? Here are a few fail safe tips and tricks to ensure your present gets the warm response it deserves.

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There is absolutely nothing worse (actually there are a few things but this is pretty bad) than receiving a Christmas present unwrapped, in the plastic or paper bag from the shop that it originated from. Much like the most well presented house on the street has curb appeal, your present needs some appeal under that Tree. This my friends, is super easy to achieve.



ONE: Weirdly shaped gifts can make something already pretty time consuming, horrendous. There are bound to be a few in the mix and if you are already not wildly enthused about wrapping your presents this one is really going to be a bit of a challenge. Save yourself the trouble this year, put the gift in a box before you begin and you will have it all wrapped up in no time.

TWO: Double sided tape is an excellent way of making sure the edges are very neat and tidy with no sign of any tape. Alternatively decorative stickers at tape heavy junctions can be an excellent way of concealing the less attractive site underneath

THREE: Matching a different coloured band of paper around a gift can give it a more premium, professional feel. At Grey Skies this is a technique we use on all of our packaging to make sure our products look brilliant both in and out of the paper.

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FOUR: Ribbon of any shape, size, colour or texture can really add a bit of flare to any gift. Tying the perfect bow can be a bit tricky but we thought these instructions were pretty helpful.

FIVE: Finally the bells and whistles. It’s Christmas so there is plenty of different ornaments, baubles, bells, holly and other bits of festive fabulousness that can be used to compliment a delightfully wrapped gift. Embellishment at this time of year is a must, don’t go too crazy though. Like any accessorising sometimes it can really work against you – remember to edit.

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We appreciate that Christmas is a really busy time, and you probably have a lot to organise. As gift wrapping connoisseurs let us take the pain away from you this year. We have the perfect gift and just the right amount of technique to make sure that your gift will look simply gorgeous on the inside and out.

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Visit Grey Skies Home, you’re bound to find some great Christmas gifts for your friends, family and yourself! Merry Christmas.