“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else” Pablo Picasso

Preparing for a photo-shoot is a lot of work. My usual creative process can take me from I LOVE IT to I HATE IT within moments.

Surrounding yourself with other creative’s you trust and love makes the whole process even more poetic. As you all push and strive to get the best result.

I wanted something different, a new direction for Grey Skies, something a little more moody and earthy like the perfect still life. With my inspiration board in tow I started the process.

First up, I visit Establishment Studios in Prahran. The Establishment Studios is Melbourne’s most unique combined creative space, uniting prop, surface and location/studio hire all under one incredibly inspiring roof. Housed in an original 1920’s textile mill with soaring ceilings and an attached ivy-laden Victorian terrace, the space boasts both period and modern architectural features. The carefully curated range of props and surfaces spans vintage, contemporary, rustic, and designer, and is the most extensive of it’s kind available locally. I found these amazing surfaces; you cannot help but get a little distracted in this amazing space.


Our photographer for the day was the incredibly talented Elisenda Russell. Elisenda loves creating photos that hold layers of diverse textures, colour tones, beautiful surroundings and entwining them into narrative. Her aesthetic and obsession of light made for the perfect collaboration.


Next stop was a visit to Fleurs, with 22 years experience in the industry, Fleur McHarg is my go to Florist her focus is on conceptual design which allows her imagination to run wild – which is exactly the best place you want her to be. She not only understood my brief, she was able to take it to the next level it needed to be something even more out of the box. On the day of the shoot Fleur was incredibly inspiring bringing to life one of my favourite new designs The Cloud Bowl as a shop stopping hero photo. We all agreed then and there that this photo would act as my main hero image to launch the new season of Grey Skies.


For more information about the incredibly talented people and business that helped make Grey Skies Home S16 come to life, please visit the below websites.


Love Steph x