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Black to white and every shade in between. Traditional materials combined with modern patterns. Classic style with a modern aesthetic. Homewares that your home would be proud to wear. The world isn’t black and white its mostly Grey. That is Grey Skies.

Why Grey Skies?

The name Grey Skies resonates with our product. We are 100% committed to this aesthetic and to using slate, white, and textures. We want to provide spectacularly stylish and utterly gorgeous pieces that you love to use every day. We don’t want to provide crockery that you’re afraid to use – we want you to enjoy serving meals on our boutique Grey Skies pieces because it makes the meal more enjoyable!

Every Grey Skies piece is focused on providing a complete monochromatic colour scheme of classic designs with a modern element. We have a simple ethos when it comes to designing a new piece and that is to enhance the experience of dining.




We live by a couple of pretty simple philosophies:

Quality without compromise

We create beautiful products that we are proud to sell and that you will be proud to have in your home and to use every day.

Traceability and transparency

Aim for the best possible ethical choices and don’t waver on our support for the wider community.


Never stop learning, never stop asking, never stop trying. We want to continually strive to produce a fabulous product for you.

Sharing the love

We want to share, inspire, and get people as excited about quality design and kitchenware as we are: simple to understand and appreciate, and fun to use and enjoy.


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